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Partnering to build a world where all children are really safe and happy

If you give to an IRS-approved charity, you can write off donations on your tax return. Certain restrictions do apply, though. To learn more about them, along with whether or not a particular charity has IRS approval, check the IRS website or The Life You Can Save’s fact sheet about tax deductibility. Donating your cash is a great way to reduce the amount of money you send off to Uncle Sam, and for a good cause, to boot.

When you donate money to charity, you create opportunities to meet new people who believe in the same causes that inspire you. That, and making a real impact on those causes, can infuse your everyday life with more meaning. If you’ve been stuck in a rut, whether personally or professionally, sometimes the simple act of donating cash can do the trick and reinvigorate your life.



<>We Find & Fund<>

We look forward to find out those helpless children, helpless rohingyas, refusees, old who don’t have anyone in the world and try our best to help them.


<> We Build Networks<>

Day after day our network building to the poor helpless people is being very bog and deeply tight…………………………….


<>We Strengthen<>

People need strength to live properly by economically and non commercially. We are always encourage them to make a better life………


<>We Educate<>

Educating people is one of our most important sector in which we are committed to become always strongly stand for people…….


<>We Provide Care<>

Always caring to the needy people is a part of our mission complete a successful vision specially to children and old orphans…………..


<>We Consult<>

People also need proper consultation to fight in their lives. And we provide them…………………………….………….


Jane’s been a migrant worker since she was just 12

We don’t live in a perfect world, and there’s never going to be a perfect time to give—but there are always people out there in need of help. Whether interest rates are rising, the economy is in the doldrums, or even if you’re experiencing financial difficulties of your own, the reality is that when you donate your money, you help others who need it.

A Brighter Future — for  innocent Children

In research conducted by the National Institutes of Health2, participants who chose to donate a portion of $100 they were provided enjoyed activated pleasure centers in the brain. Although this experiment was controlled and scientific, it did show that donating money simply makes you feel better, which is something we can all benefit from.



support us and change the course of a child’s life today!

And remember We took a covenant from the Children of Israel (to this effect): Worship none but Allah; treat with kindness your parents and kindred, and orphans and those in need; speak fair to the people; be steadfast in prayer; and practise regular charity. Then did ye turn back, except a few among you, and ye backslide (even now). Bakarh:83

(Charity is) for those in need, who, in Allah’s cause are restricted (from travel), and cannot move about in the land, seeking (For trade or work): the ignorant man thinks, because of their modesty, that they are free from want. Thou shalt know them by their (Unfailing) mark: They beg not importunately from all the sundry. And whatever of good ye give, be assured Allah knoweth it well. Bakarah: 273

Allah did aforetime take a covenant from the Children of Israel, and we appointed twelve captains among them. And Allah said: “I am with you: if ye (but) establish regular prayers, practise regular charity, believe in my messengers, honour and assist them, and loan to Allah a beautiful loan, verily I will wipe out from you your evils, and admit you to gardens with rivers flowing beneath; but if any of you, after this, resisteth faith, he hath truly wandered from the path or rectitude.”  Al Quran: 005.012 

The Believers, men and women, are protectors one of another: they enjoin what is just, and forbid what is evil: they observe regular prayers, practise regular charity, and obey Allah and His Messenger. On them will Allah pour His mercy: for Allah is Exalted in power, Wise. Al Quran: 009.071 

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